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My name is Jerry Healy and I live in Scotland with my wife Yukako and 2 children Callum Kenji and Nico Yutaka, where I run a small tour business called Tartan Tourists Ltd.

Over the past 12 years I have been bringing groups of city officers, high school and university students, business men, house wives and golfers for small group tours of 4 to 16 people to Scotland. In more recent years I have used my language skills in French, Italian and Spanish to arrange tours for clients in mainland Europe, too.

I believe my tours are different from other companies in the same field as I not only visit the main places of interest in the guide books, but also try to offer people from Japan the chance to experience Europe like the Europeans do. So far I have taken my guests to make paella in the mountains of Andalucia, participate in a traditional dance party in the Highlands of Scotland, enjoy an opera performance in a beautiful little church by the banks of the River Arno in Firenze and even arrive in Venice on a public vaporetto boat like the locals do.

I was delighted to hear the latter of the activities was the dream of one of the tour participants. When I learn of such a positive response I feel the tour is totally worthwhile. In addition to the above we also try to meet European people in their homes or go to a local restaurant of their choice. We speak in English throughout the tour, however I can also provide Japanese explanations due to the fact that I have lived in both Osaka and Niigata for a total of 10 years.

So thank you very much for taking the time to read my web page. I am sure you will find a tour that you are interested in. I would also like to inform you that if you would like to visit another European country that is not in the above plan, I would be happy to arrange a schedule for you. I look forward to showing you a very diverse continent with an ancient and fascinating civilization.

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